Words That it Make it Worth It – And How to Make Them Worth It for YOU

The right words can make your physical therapy and personal lives feel absolutely wonderful.   Recording and publishing the right words from your PT clients can make the road to your inevitable cash practice tilt in your favor. I am a good therapist but everything I know as a cash-paid physical therapist can be learned.  [...]

Why I Sang and Cried Today

“Riiinngg” my trusty flip phone’s reminder echoed back and forth off the immense log walls of our bed and breakfast cabin in the north woods this morning just before our sumptuous breakfast.  One of my faithful cash-paying patients was having a birthday today and my cell phone system reminds me to give them a call.  [...]

Cash Paid PT – How I Just Closed the Deal

Yesterday at 9:25 I got a call from a previous patient’s power of attorney in Indiana.  She said her aunt’s house had sold and she wanted to spend her money on things her aunt would actually enjoy rather than just things to clutter up her apartment.  I heartily agreed as that’s how I treat my [...]

Leveraging Word of Mouth for a Cash Paid PT Clinic

When was the last time you read a book or went to a movie?  Chances are it was because a friend recommended it to you.  This so-called network “marketing” is very effective.  Getting your patients to spread the good news of your great PT service is the primary way for you to become established as [...]

What Works for Getting Cash Pay PT Clients

Forming and maintaining good relationships are the keys to any business. My most recent cash paying customers came to me by the referrals of both a successful care home owner and a PT clinic.  I am a genuinely friendly but not overly outgoing therapist and and keep in touch with both.  I have sent both [...]

Physical Therapy During a Recession

During this global economic crisis how can one even THINK of doing cash-pay physical therapy?  I NEVER wanted to hear of over 500,000 U.S. workers losing their jobs in a a single month?  As these workers lose their jobs their ability to pay for their own health insurance premiums decreases.  Many physical therapy clinics are [...]

Blogs, Good for Physical Therapy Marketing

Today, blogs have two uses – advertising and making money online. These two uses depend on each other. Through advertising, blogs can be a money-making machine. Without blogs, there is no place for advertising. In physical therapy, marketing is not that easy since the target market is specific to age groups and health conditions. Physical [...]