Cash Physical Therapy Practice Publicity

Excellent physical therapy skills plus excellent publicity equal the potential for a cash practice that leaves you feeling “therapeutic” at the end of the day. Expensive paid mass media advertising largely isn’t a part of cash-paid physical therapy. Free publicity however is nearly priceless. This can be in the form of radio interviews, TV spots, [...]

Cash Practice Physical Therapy – Make Satisfaction Your Selling Friend

If you haven’t listened to my exclusive interview with Pat Croce which it is a “must hear”. He brought in $1500 cash at a time from his athletic training / physical therapy clients back at a time when a movie was $5 and a GOOD car cost less than $10,000. His customers kept coming back [...]

Cash Physical Therapy Marketing – How to Attract Clients with Your Website

Is Your Holistic Therapy Website Turning Visitors Into Clients? The Internet is such a big place that it is becoming increasingly critical to ensure that your website collects visitor ‘s contact details. Why? Because the alternative is that visitors click into your site, have a look around, think “hmmmm that ‘s interesting, I think I [...]

Cash Physical Therapy Marketing – Never Quit

My next door neighbor, Dave, has developed a conveniently packaged protein powder supplement drink largely marketed to the military. He is extremely faithful in pumping iron, boxing the punching bag and jogging regularly. He has named the supplement quite appropriately. No, I don’t get a commission to write this. In physical therapy, most beginning practice [...]

P.T. Marketing vs. Acting – Practice/Rehearse Often and REGULARLY!

Hello Valued Reader. I promised in a previous post that I would tell you about measurable results of my own marketing. This week, every evening I’ve been playing the part of the “King” in a vacation Bible School at our church. The sketches are different every night and are done from memory. I’ve really been [...]

Increasing Your Web Visibility

Knowledge is power. If you know how to make your practice visible obviously you will have more customers. One way to make your practice and career more obvious is on the web. If a web site is static it will seldom be ranked high by search engines. Incoming links to one’s site enhance your presence [...]