Why I Sang and Cried Today

“Riiinngg” my trusty flip phone’s reminder echoed back and forth off the immense log walls of our bed and breakfast cabin in the north woods this morning just before our sumptuous breakfast.  One of my faithful cash-paying patients was having a birthday today and my cell phone system reminds me to give them a call.  [...]

Cold Cash and Cold Marble for PT’s

Hello Future Cash-Paid Physical Therapists. The time schedule for our life on this earth is limited so make it good. By the end of this post you’ll have a good dose of inspiration and at least one smile! I wrote this article on Sept 15 which was the “live” day. In a little bit I’ll [...]

Physical Therapy Gets an Appreciation

At 9:40 this morning, I was 10 minutes behind schedule to my customer who has paid me at least $3000 for his physical therapy. His wife was sitting in his wheelchair. He was still in bed. They are super nice folks but thanks to his wife he gets every second of good out of my [...]

Get Paid for What You Enjoy! – My First Tip

“Either make food [help us prepare lunch] or make music for us” is what my mom told us boys every week after church. I could never understand why my brothers didn’t jump at the chance to get out of “before dinner duties” for a song. When my arm was long enough to reach around the [...]

“You’re Not the Captain of This House”

At the supper table my firstborn looked at my dessert plate and asked, “Why do you have two pieces and I only have one”? As my darling wife had been the one to put the puffed whole wheat (similar to Rice Krispy Treats but better with chocolate) scrumptious desserts on the plate I didn’t know. [...]

I Have a Hard Time Keeping Still

Today, I was mailing a CD to Canada on my lunch break and met one of my old physical therapy patients in front of me in line. She said, “My knee healed up just fine”! “That time when I went to the mall and over-did it and you “massaged” my knee for about 15 minutes [...]

What To Do When You Hear A Siren?

Over mouth-watering home-made pot pie in my parents carport (an extremely pleasant spot) for our noon meal yesterday a siren wailed in the distance. My dad looked toward my two preschoolers and asked, “You know what to do when you hear a siren”? “What an early driving lesson! They’re still working on riding scooters and [...]