Show Me the Money! – What Cash Physical Therapy Checks Look Like

  Here’s only ONE cash PT payment I got today. (Sorry the image is gone) If you wanted me to SHOW YOU the MONEY there it is(was)! That’s just one check I deposited today for 20 PT visits.  See my website for details.  The other “cash” I was paid today was for eight visits but [...]

When It Doesn’t Work Out – How Cash Pay Clients Treat You

Not all cash pay PT clients work out as we’d like.  The ones with the million dollar view I told you about last time found that Mr. X, their dear husband and dad, was still at too high a level of care to return to home living.  His vital signs weren’t stable enough.  The daughter [...]

“Money Is Not an Issue” – Cash Pay PT with a Million Dollar View

Cash paying physical therapy clients all want the best care delivered as skillfully as possible.  By giving them the best therapy you are enabling them to get back to their lives sooner and probably saving them a lot of money.  When the call for cash pay PT comes you must be ready.  Last Thursday at [...]

Physical Therapy During a Recession

During this global economic crisis how can one even THINK of doing cash-pay physical therapy?  I NEVER wanted to hear of over 500,000 U.S. workers losing their jobs in a a single month?  As these workers lose their jobs their ability to pay for their own health insurance premiums decreases.  Many physical therapy clinics are [...]

Cash Practice Thanks ….From the Floor?!

I appreciate appreciation. Somehow with my cash-paying physical therapy clients I get appreciation more frequently and profusely than I did while relying on third party payers. Here’s an example from last Tuesday. Lance (by cell phone): “I’ll be there to see your husband in ten minutes Mrs. Smith”. Mrs. Smith: “Sounds good”! “See you then!” [...]

If I Had an Angel Behind Me

If I had an angel behind me, I would have a good time. I’d probably take a few more risks knowing that my protector was right there. I’d probably have already tried skydiving, would have flown an ultralight again, and would have taken interested family and willing friends on the adventures so I could have [...]

I Called You Because I Knew Your Number

At 4:21 p.m. today my cell phone rang the pre-programmed “home” ring. Instead of my beautiful wife’s voice I heard, “Hi Daddy “. It was one of my little ones! “I called you because I knew your number”! My children are young and of course exceptional in every good way but this was a first [...]