Multiplying Your Efforts as a Physical Therapist

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new doggies!  They, like you, are of “champion bloodlines”.  In a cash physical therapy practice your greatness is rewarded at or before the time of service by payment!  Can you imagine how much you’d have to pay for dog grooming if the groomer had to submit [...]

First Ever Sale on “Cash Physical Therapy Secrets” homestudy course

Hello Blogoshpere friends,  I am quite thankful that so many of you have been subscribing lately.  Thank-you for your interest!  As our way of giving thanks this season we are offering our Cash Physical Therapy Secrets / Physical Therapy Cash Secrets course with four times the value but only until Monday!  This is our first [...]

Following “Life’s Little Instructions”

I think that “Life’s Little Instructions” that I referred to in my previous post, could have said to ” Have a Dog OR have a cat. We have a dog and the dog has a cat. Our dog “Daisy” is practicing to be a mommy dog so indeed if her pedigreed pups come out healthy [...]

“Lead or Get off the Pot!” / Advice from the “Throne Room”

While taking a little “personal time” a while back I looked up at “Life’s Little Instructions” framed on the bathroom wall and read, “Use the good dishes.  Live life as an exclamation and not an explanation.  Have a dog.”   I apply that wisdom by eating in the dining room twice daily, celebrating EVERY accomplishment [...]

Physical Therapy Meets World

It is a pleasure to meet you by blog. I am Lance P. Van Arsdell. I am husband to a great wife and father to two beautiful small children. I am a physical therapist here in AZ and have a house call practice that’s going quite well. I got together with my very successful PT [...]