Words That it Make it Worth It – And How to Make Them Worth It for YOU

The right words can make your physical therapy and personal lives feel absolutely wonderful.   Recording and publishing the right words from your PT clients can make the road to your inevitable cash practice tilt in your favor.

I am a good therapist but everything I know as a cash-paid physical therapist can be learned.  I am well-paid for my visits but some of the best “payments” I get are the kind words that come from my patients.   Before we came on our vacation I recorded some patient testimonials on my camcorder.   I’ve just put some of them on youtube(TM) so if you click here you can hear and see what one of my cash-paying patients says about me.   To hear another click here.

Gather testimonials from your patients daily if possible.   A marketer earning $50-60,00/month told me by phone, “Facts tell, testimonials SELL”.   What besides your physical therapy services could be a better value?  Get testimonials from your patients on video, voice recording (you can do this on your cell phone or ipod(tm) probably), or at least jot them down from the “S” in your “SOAP” notes.  Get your patients’ written permission to publish them.

“I wish we could stay here forever!” my firstborn exclaimed up as I gave the tire swing a hearty push yesterday afternoon.   I wish we could stay here forever too – at least until the first snowfall.   The atmosphere at this fantastic bed and breakfast is superb.  Our hosts are possibly the most gracious gourmet breakfast cooks I’ve ever met.  Kids love the ponies, dogs, and cats.  They like watching the llama, sheep, and chickens.  They collect the eggs (when they can find them) and then we eat the eggs.  We’ve even fished in the creek.  I dug the worms from the compost pile myself.  My wife told me I needed a shower after that.  As I type from my forest-view bed the woods are truly “lovely, dark and deep”, but I do “have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep”.


Why I Sang and Cried Today

“Riiinngg” my trusty flip phone’s reminder echoed back and forth off the immense log walls of our bed and breakfast cabin in the north woods this morning just before our sumptuous breakfast.  One of my faithful cash-paying patients was having a birthday today and my cell phone system reminds me to give them a call.  I can hardly describe the joy it is to work with this family and had to do something special for him.  The patient only can say a few words at a time due to a progressive neurologic condition and he is on an HMO which allows me to accept the cash.  When I knew he’d be up I called and sang (with help) happy birthday to him over the phone.  I also sent emails with a picture of our trip along with a birthday greeting.  I am a good physical therapist but everything I know can be learned and repeated.

Why did I cry?  Our well appointed cabin comes with a lot of good reading material.  I grew up reading Patrick F. McManus’ hilarious hyperbole and picked up a copy of one of his more recent books near the doorway of our cabin.  My wife told me I probably would read the whole book and she wasn’t far from being right.  I laughed sooo hard there were tears streaming down my face many times.  It really was therapeutic.  If you sent one of these books home with your patients every week I’m pretty sure they’d come back happier no matter the physical therapeutic results.  I love to have fun with my patients.  Laughing a lot myself makes it easier.  If you need a laugh click the button below to buy the set for your clinic.  It will be the most fun business investment/expense you’ve had yet this year.


Cash for Physcial Therapy to a Course Student from My Mobile Office – YES!

Awesome barber shop / mobile office with cedars and deer fencingThe absolute most satisfaction I’ve had on this trip has been referring a new cash-paying physical therapy client to one of my cash practice secrets students who happens to live near me in “the valley”.  It took some doing to get them together but my mobile office came through again.  All right I wasn’t in that awesome barber chair that is shown in the picture but I was a passenger in our minivan when I got the work done.  What my student couldn’t believe is that people actually would pay that much to get therapy from her.  Face it.  You’re worth it!

I also have been in contact with the two other PT’s that are seeing my other cash paying clients thanks to Alltel/Verizon.  Wifi here at our awesome cabin is a big plus.  I like to keep these posts current so this is where my feet drew me today.  Ever since my embryonic days I have gravitated toward water.  If I’d had my swimming trunks with me I’d have been out in this lake at least for a little bit.  I also love having a good view.  The pictures don’t do this place justice at all. Pend O'reille Lake

Does This Look Therapeutic?

Morining OutingI hope you had a therapeutic morning too.  If you were doing a physical therapy cash practice or just planning yours, do take some time for yourself.  Jonathan Tripodi in our Cash Physical Therapy home study course stressed the importance of not working too much.  To BE therapeutic you must take time for yourself.

Better View

At and before the turn of the century doctors advised patients to take vacations for their health.  The advances of modern medicine have somehow left this behind although the relative cost of transportation has decreased dramatically.

As I continue to take therapeutic time for myself my practice goes on.  The best news however comes from one of our aspiring cash physical therapy secrets students.  More on that in the next post.


How to Know Where to Open a Cash Physical Therapy Practice

If you want to know where to open a cash physical therapy practice it is important to open it where the cash is.  I have written about thy why of this in a previous post.

Here’s how to find where the money is:

1) Go to www.wikipedia.org

2) In their search window type the name of  the city you’re thinking of opening your practice.

For Example if you type in “Payson, AZ” you’ll find that the median income for a family is $38,713.  One of our course contributors opened her cash practice in a seniors-only mobile home park.  Now she’s expanded to having built a clinic on her home which is on horse property.  Her fees were the most reasonable of any in our course and her cash percentage is 65% .  This is quite  respectable but is also the lowest in our course.  Cindy, our PT course contributor is GOOD!  I met her through one of her patients who said, “Try to learn what she does!”

I live and choose to work in Mesa, AZ doing house calls.  Type in Mesa, AZ and you’ll get a median family income of $49, 232.  I can pay all my household and work expenses on what I earn from my cash clients.   It feels awfully good to deposit $800-2500 at a time in advance for the visits I do.

Another of our course contributors has a 100% cash fee at or before the time of service in Corvallis, OR.  Type that into the wikipedia search window and you’ll find a median family income of $53,208.  Now this is a  little better area but our PT course contributor there is a GREAT PT.   If you aspire to be a cash-paid PT you must be great.

Now if you want to be where the money REALLY is look to where our politicians live and thereabouts.  Jennifer Gamboa, PT who practices in Arlington, VA, runs a cash practice.  Type Arlington, VA into your wikipedia search window and you’ll find under the demographics section the median family income is $127,179.

If you live in Anytown, USA and can’t find a place with high enough incomes to support your dreams, remember:

1) You don’t need that many cash PT patients to have what I call a “Therapeutic” life.  If you do GREAT therapy and learn from the best you can leverage their word of mouth to those that can afford it.

2) A cash physical therapy practice can be a huge savings to those even without insurance.  If you can get your patients feeling a lot better or knowing what to do about it in 1-6 visits, you can save them a lot of money. You also earn considerable “Therapeutic Wealth” part of which is the great feeling that people really, really value your services.

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT

Physical Therapy Cash Home Study Course

Keep In Touch to Keep Your Cash Pay PT Practice Going

As you can see from the photo in the previous post I do enjoy (I love to have fun) working with the elderly.  If the senior has an HMO, cash-paid physical therapy is his or her own option.  I tell them where they can get therapy elsewhere but find that many times they’re willing to pay me well to see them for therapy.

In many cases the person who pays the bills can’t be present for the therapy sessions so I use my cell phone (I do house-calls) and text (usually a few words only)/ picture message them at least once per week.  This is only safe to do with explicit written permission but it really increases appreciation.

Today I practiced putting with a cash pay client for whom I was a day early in a large assisted living facility.  I called the patient’s spouse afterwards to report on what we’d done.  She REALLY appreciated it.  I appreciate my cash paying clients because they enable me to have the life I choose to have.   Putting that appreciation in writing will help your cash pay side grow!  Linda Bruseth in our Cash Physical Therapy Secrets home study course really takes this the next level.  When’s the last time one of your patients handed you a check $800-2500 as advance payment?

Have a Profitable and Therapeutic Week!

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT, MSPT

Cash Pay PT

Going Green – Cash Pay Physical Therapy Can be a Dream!

today's danceYep that’s me hard at “work” today.  We were dancing to “My Wild Irish Rose” when I  had a staff member in the ALF where I was making the call “snap” this picture on my cell phone.  If you study the previous post you’ll find what I got paid for this 45-minute visit.  I forgot to wear green but my cash-paying client didn’t.    If you do what you love and spread the word about your services in the right ways you can get paid what you want for the work you want.

Therapeutic Wealth to YOU!

Lance P. Van Arsdell, PT

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